(Solved): Write a 4 page essay on Argumentive : Proposition: Public school student …

Write a 4 page essay on Argumentive : Proposition: Public school students should be required to wear uniforms.

School uniforms provide an “equalizing” factor that few other aspects of school life provide. Every student is an individual, which oftentimes causes other individuals to bully or tease, or to prefer a certain student based on appearance. A child with expensive clothes may attract more friends, even if that child is not a very good friend. In a public school where all children wear uniforms, they all appear to be equal regardless of actual financial status. Students no longer need to stress or be embarrassed by what they wear to school each day, giving them the opportunity to concentrate on what matters—education. While kids might see restricting their choices in what to wear to school as a bad thing, in so many ways it is an opportunity for them to develop likeable personalities rather than expensive wardrobes. Self-expression comes in many forms. Clothing is only one way to express one’s self.

Parents sometimes disagree with requiring uniforms in the public schools because they worry about money. They essentially need to invest in two sets of clothing—one for school, and another set that covers every other aspect of the child’s life. School uniforms are far cheaper than designer clothing, and when everything is taken into account, uniforms typically end up costing less for parents than run-of-the-mill clothing, too. Each child has a set of uniforms which they wear only for school and which they can interchange because all portions are identical. This saves parents money by not investing in an extensive mix-and-match wardrobe for each child, and makes clothing worn outside of school more special.

It cannot be definitely stated that children learn better in a school uniform environment. Being judged on what they know rather than how they dress does have distinct advantages, however. A strong argument in favor of school uniforms is that they reduce the possibilities of gang violence, hazing,



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