(Solved): Write 2 page essay on the topic Google’s company acquisition and partner …

Write 2 page essay on the topic Google’s company acquisition and partnership.

Google Company has also licensed the platform that has helped limit control over activities that hardware makers do with android. Due to this control, the company has been able to produce androids with unique functions and features that satisfy customer needs (Lee, 2012).

Partnership is a legal relationship by which companies formed through signing of an agreement carry on business as co-owners. Samsung and Google signed a ten-year partnership to license each other’s current patients and those filed in the future. As a result, Samsung will now be able to access the patents Google garnered as part of its $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola in the year 2011 (Glasby & Dickinson, 2014).

There are various reasons as to why Google is in android takeover. Firstly, it is their growth strategy. Android demand has been increasing and due to this, Google Company will be in a position to develop their business by meeting needs of customers. Therefore, making profits that will enable them expand the business (MCmorris, 2005). Secondly, their acquisition will help them diversify their risks. The addition also helps in meeting customer needs by producing androids with unique features and functions. Android phones have also been on demand to replace iPhones. The replacement of this product would mean increasing sales of androids hence increasing profits. The result will help in the development of the firm and expansion of the company, as well as assist in familiarizing the company products with the consumers. The other primary reason for the acquisition is helping Google advertises their company. Since androids are globally used, adding Google apps may assist the organization to make product promotion feasible. Another crucial reason is the talented engineers in Android Company and their great technology. Google wanted the engineers to help in



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