(Solved): Write 5 page essay on the topic Early African Art.ed from either wood or …

Write 5 page essay on the topic Early African Art.

ed from either wood or other organic materials, these sculptures were a reflection of certain societal issues, which includes and not limited to the deities. In this relation, this paper considers the following collection of the African Arts.

Of all the continents, Africa is one that is much infested with the art of rock painting than all the continents that constitute the world. In addition, rock painting in Africa remains not only the oldest but also one that has been continuously been practiced through generations. Among the features that are shown in the Africans rock painting includes human figures, animals, and a combination of the animals and futures that are related to human beings. These features were collectively referred to as therianthropes normally associated with the shamanism (Abiodun, Henry, and John, 88). The African rock painting can be categorized in three domains, the southern, central, and the northern. The demarcation considers the regional and the similarity in the trend of the rock painting. It is urged that the rock painting of the three domains indicate reasonable degree of resemblance that even untrained eyes would find it easy to recognize and differentiate.

It is worth noting that not all the rock painting demonstrates pre-historical existence since most of the rock painting thrived in the nineteenth century and continues to grow today. In South Africa, Drakensberg, the roc painting in the areas simply depicted the confrontation between the European and the San who were considered the Bushmen. The paintings mostly demonstrate the European solders riding o horses and rifles hanging on their shoulders. In is interesting to note that some of the paintings demonstrates three dimensional using a special painting material called the polychrome shading (Bodrogi, 67).

What is considered the southern zone in the African rock painting stretches from Cape Town in South Africa and cuts right through Zimbabwe and the Zambezi River in Zambia. The

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(Solved):  1)You are a member of the Human Resources Department of a medium-sized …

 1)You are a member of the Human Resources Department of a medium-sized organization that is implementing a new inter-organizational system that will impact employees, customers, and suppliers. Your manager has requested that you work with the system development team to create a communications plan for the project. He would like to meet with you in two hours to review your thoughts on the key objectives of the communications plan. What should those objectives be? 

2) Steve Jobs was a strong, charismatic leader who co-founded Apple and is credited with much of the success of the company. Some believe that Tim Cook, who became CEO in 2011, embraces a more collaborative leadership style. Do research to compare and contrast the leadership styles of the two CEOs. (You may wish to view the 2013 movie JOBS, which portrays the story of Steve Jobs’ ascension from college dropout to Apple CEO.) Which CEO—Jobs or Cook—do you think developed and executed the most effective strategic plan? What evidence can you find to support your opinion? 


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(Solved): Write query to provide totals of Earned Premium and Earned Exposures by …

Write query to provide totals of Earned Premium and Earned Exposures by company and S160 coverage code. Only include data for the year 2010 (1/1/2010 – 12/31/2010), company equal to GE or GG, and rated state equal to CA.

Here are the tables and fields:

Table 1a

Earned Premium = ERND_PRM_AM

Earned Exposures = ERND_EXPSR_DY_CN

S160 Coverage Code = S160_CVRG_CD

Policy Key = PLCY_KY

Table 2a

Rated State = RTD_ST_CD

Company = CMPNY_CD

Date = SNP_DT

Policy Key = PLCY_KY

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(Solved): Write 2 page essay on the topic Google’s company acquisition and partner …

Write 2 page essay on the topic Google’s company acquisition and partnership.

Google Company has also licensed the platform that has helped limit control over activities that hardware makers do with android. Due to this control, the company has been able to produce androids with unique functions and features that satisfy customer needs (Lee, 2012).

Partnership is a legal relationship by which companies formed through signing of an agreement carry on business as co-owners. Samsung and Google signed a ten-year partnership to license each other’s current patients and those filed in the future. As a result, Samsung will now be able to access the patents Google garnered as part of its $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola in the year 2011 (Glasby & Dickinson, 2014).

There are various reasons as to why Google is in android takeover. Firstly, it is their growth strategy. Android demand has been increasing and due to this, Google Company will be in a position to develop their business by meeting needs of customers. Therefore, making profits that will enable them expand the business (MCmorris, 2005). Secondly, their acquisition will help them diversify their risks. The addition also helps in meeting customer needs by producing androids with unique features and functions. Android phones have also been on demand to replace iPhones. The replacement of this product would mean increasing sales of androids hence increasing profits. The result will help in the development of the firm and expansion of the company, as well as assist in familiarizing the company products with the consumers. The other primary reason for the acquisition is helping Google advertises their company. Since androids are globally used, adding Google apps may assist the organization to make product promotion feasible. Another crucial reason is the talented engineers in Android Company and their great technology. Google wanted the engineers to help in

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(Solved): Write 13 page essay on the topic COMPARE AND CONTRAST THE DEPICTION AND …


It follows the efforts and failure of the fiftiesh Sheriff Ed Tom Bell to protect a younger Llewellyn Moss and his wife from the assassins (mainly Anton Chigurh) sent after him to recover the drug money he picked from the desert. Both novels are totally different in genre and both tackle the issue of age and its significance in human perspectives differently.

In the novel Notes on a Scandal (2003) the main protagonist is Barbara Covett, is a schoolteacher and a spinster. Barbara is a woman used to living a solitary life, as she has no close friends and no family.&nbsp. She is only just tolerated by her less brilliant and caustic colleagues who know zilch about her personal life which consists mostly of taking care of Portia, her old cat, and spending innumerable hours alone. Barbara is neither a trustworthy nor an impartial first-person narrator. A lonely, spinster in her early sixties, she is keen to find a special, close friend. Yet, she reveals that she has been incapable to make an earlier friendship last as she was blamed of being possessive, dictatorial and demanding. Her previous friend a colleague Jennifer Dodd even threatened her with a restriction order if she tried to contact her again. episodes like this progressively reveal just how psychologically unhinged Barbara is.

When the bohemian Sheba Hart joins the faculty of St. Georges school, Barbara straight away senses that they might become good friends. Barbara gradually learns that Sheba is almost 41 and married with two children and that her son, Ben, has Down syndrome and her seventeen year old daughter attends a private boarding school. Her deceased father was an important scholar and economist. Sheba is rich and leads an apparently fulfilled individual and family life. Barbara and Sheba eventually become acquainted and later, Sheba invites Barbara for lunch with her family. Barbara is thrilled and the invitation is given huge significance: “I wondered if I ought

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(Solved): Write a 2 page essay on Analysis using IS-LM model.These are considered …

Write a 2 page essay on Analysis using IS-LM model.

These are considered to be the vital ingredients of an economy. therefore, a change in each would lead to an effect in the economy, as either an economic turmoil or a positive encounter.

According to the Globe and Mail, China has been on the frontline in making an economic improvement in each subsequent year. The country has been improving in its economy with each passing year, growing to be the second world’s biggest economy. This is a positive approach to the country’s economy, as it has stipulated methods of growth. Since 2009, the country has recorded its ever first lowest decline in economic growth. The country’s economic growth dropped from an average of 8.1% to a low of 7.6%. This was an occurrence that proved that the country’s economic growth would further deteriorate if not approached with the best economic measures. The economy had to encompass economic strategies that would revive its economic growth to a better position, just like the previous years. Therefore, the second biggest world’s economy would have to improve its approach towards economic growth to resuscitate the economic turmoil.

The economic redundancy in the china republic could be explained by the IS-LM curve in a number of ways, which are closely related to the economy. First, the economic decline was forced due to the stagnant real estate investments. Many people had acquired investments in real estates, with a focus of making an increase in their investments. In many countries, real estate is considered a highly viable investment. Therefore, many people have been compelled o increase their investments in the sector, including the china economy. However, the supply for real estate escalated, while the demand remained the same. With such a prevalent situation in the market, there were little tradeoffs between the real estate owners and the buyers. This led to a reduction in the interest rates as most of the owners had to

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(Solved): Write 1 page essay on the topic HW4 MGM.For example, Coca-Cola FEMSA wor …

Write 1 page essay on the topic HW4 MGM.

For example, Coca-Cola FEMSA works in conjunction with communities and non-governmental organization, SOS Mata Atlântica in Brazil in a bid to conserve forest water through Brazilian Forest Water Program. In Mexico, the company is involved in a major reforestation program, where the company plans to plant millions of trees. Through its active engagement in tree planting initiatives, Coca-Cola not only ensures forest conservation, but also reduces greenhouse gases emission into the atmosphere because forests are good absorbers of carbon, which is a major component of greenhouse gases. Coca-Cola also engages in recycling initiatives and water management programs as well as energy conservation, which remains crucial to its surrounding and business environment. The company ensures high and acceptable standard for sustainable packaging aimed at achieving zero waste and maximum package recycling. Coca-Cola has strong relationship with communities in which it operates. The company strives to create a positive difference in the communities by working with local associates and actively supporting local employee engagement. Water is a vital element of life and by conserving it. Coca-Cola Company demonstrates its commitment to advance the welfare of the

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(Solved): Write 5 page essay on the topic East Asian Art History.Modern society ha …

Write 5 page essay on the topic East Asian Art History.

Modern society has embraced the art of mask. Research has been done on it and a wide range of uses found. China has become a hub of this art. Masks are a cultural event celebrated all over China nowadays (Scott, 2009). To some Chinese communities these masks have become a form of god. They are worshipped because of their uniqueness and awesome appearance. They are seen as a means of communication between people and gods. They have been used as a means to seek for blessings from gods. They are also used to protect people from evil spirits. They are believed to be a form of charm in many Chinese communities. They symbolize holiness and godliness. In modern days, there are many cultural festivals involving masks that are held (Desai, 2007). People wearing masks are seen dancing and celebrating along the streets.

The first mask in this art is called ‘Funerary Mask of a Young Woman’. This mask is from Liao Dynasty (907 – 1125), Northern China. Quran community founded Liao Dynasty. This community was the minority in Chinese population around 10th century in North of China (Scott, 2009). The majority of Chinese population was called the Han Chinese. They had a widespread culture. This was of high quality in all areas. Some of the areas it produced quality art work include writing, painting, and ruling among others. This community tended to ignore other communities especially the nomads. Nomads like Quran or Ruzhens always changed their location from time to time. It was difficult to develop and establish a good economic and cultural lifestyle. Despite this, the Liao Dynasty managed to develop a culture to some extent. They came up with the mask. Its surface is covered with gold. Gold is a very expensive and luxurious material to date. During that time, it was even more valuable. People that were buried in gold were considered to be very rich or belong to a very high status in the society (Scott, 2009). At the bottom of the mask, a neck

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