(Solved): Write 2 page essay on the topic Women history.On the other hand, Ruth Mi …

Write 2 page essay on the topic Women history.

On the other hand, Ruth Milkman focuses on the issue of gender at work. In this case, the author focuses on the aspect of sexual division during labor. In doing this, Ruth Milkman focuses on the World War II. Milkman indicates that refashioning gender roles remained enormous during World War II. There were expectations in terms of gender roles during this period. Additionally, men and women both played different roles.

The fact that both authors focus on women, it means that women remain important in the society. By focusing on women, both authors reflect on the post war period. In fact, the sentiments shared are happenings from the World War II. In writing the quotes, both authors take a critical approach on how certain aspects were conducted during the postwar period. Ruth Milkman and Rickie Solinger conduct an extensive research regarding issues facing women in the past. Additionally, both authors support their thoughts using several quotes. Despite the differences in ideas, both quotes reveal the position of women in the past societies. This means that both authors share similar sentiments regarding women. From Ruth Milkman and Rickie Solinger readings, it is evident that both quotes meet on similar ground. That is, women and aspects surrounding them.

In the first quote, Rickie Solinger indicates that women are simply uterus in as much as various organisms support them. Here, the author remains clear regarding women and their personality. In the second quote, Ruth Milkman indicates that women can fill positions meant for men satisfactorily but subject to physical requirements and strengths. Almost similar to Solinger sentiments, Milkman is clear on issues surrounding women. Both authors are clear about roles of women in previous societies. In as much as both authors focus on issues that happened during postwar period, most issues indicated in the readings still happen in modern societies. In fact, the politics surrounding abortion remain



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