(Solved): Write a 3 page essay on Co-sleeping is natural.Therefore co-sleeping is …

Write a 3 page essay on Co-sleeping is natural.

Therefore co-sleeping is a standard practice in most parts of the world. Co-sleeping involved bed-sharing amongst infants as well and room-sharing is also based on the same tangents (Petr 2004). At times, co-sleeping is linked very closely with the ailments and health issues that children might have and thus it is best for the parents to be close to their young ones. The close proximity that co-sleeping brings with it is something that one can understand within the thick of things.

There are different views on co-sleeping with regards to these healthcare professionals. Some suggest that bed-sharing techniques are against ethical standards and must not be taught to the young ones. Its effectiveness is also questioned at times but generally co-sleeping amongst parents and their young ones who are just babies is not discouraged at all (O’Mara 2007). This is a matter of immense debate because co-sleeping brings together the child with his/her parents and gives him/her the safety and security that is derived through co-sleeping.

Some of the advantages related with co-sleeping include the fact that mothers get to sleep more through this phenomenon and breastfeeding than any other way. It is very effective in preventing the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Stress hormones are very less in mothers and the babies who are involved in co-sleeping with their mothers balance this stress hormone cortisol where this control plays a vital part in the healthy growth regimes of the baby (Stearns 1996). There is a good amount of research done which suggests that co-sleeping is effective for the babies and their mothers and that there are more regular heart rhythms as well as less long pauses in breathing patterns when compared to the babies who sleep alone (Carskadon 2002).

Co-sleeping is effective when parents are more vigilant about their kids. They must know that their



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