(Solved): (a) I wanted to determine how much water my sprinkler was using, so I se …

(a) I wanted to determine how much water my sprinkler was using, so I set out a bunch of empty cat food cans at various distances from the sprinkler and noted how high the water was in each can after one hour. My sprinkler reaches from 0 feet to 16 feet away from the sprinkler. The data are given in Table 1. The sprinkler distributes water in a circular pattern, so I assumed that points the same distance from the sprinkler received the same amounts of water.Table: http://www.webassign.net/userimages/[email protected]/Images/125HW3.7_Table1.jpgUse the data in Table 1 to estimate how many cubic feet of water my lawn got from my sprinkler in one hour. Although you do not have a formula for the data in Table 1, you have to think about what integral you are trying to approximate (think “shells” and be careful of units). Use a right-endpoint Riemann sum to approximate this integral. Give your answer in decimal form rounded to the nearest cubic foot.



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