Generation Gap When younger workers are hired in the same department as older workers, the results can be frustrating or rewarding. What makes the difference is how management decides to blend the workforces. The 80 million Generation Y workers, called millennial, who were born after 1977 bring a host of talents to the office. They generally are skilled at hands-on, experiential learning and gain skills by attempting to perform a task rather than by reading a book or attending a lecture. They multicast, prefer to work alone, accept change readily, and access Information at all ours of the day.
These work habits are contrary to what older workers have experienced during their careers. To blend the cultures, managers must devise methods of fostering coexistence. The project-oriented nature of IT work appeals to the bright, creative, energetic millennial, and they perform best when given new technologies and the freedom to experiment. Enjoying new situations and challenges, they excel at mentoring less tech-saws workers on using the Innovative hardware and software and rotating among various departments to meet new people.
They also thrive in an atmosphere that encourages blobbing and testing, so the work environment should allow mobile social networking and communications. What are your thoughts? Do you find this to be the case at your place of work? I believe the current increase in new millennial further assist the older population. For example, as a professional in the Education industry the younger generations, in my opinion juggle various tasks. However, I feel the older population can benefit from most millennial by keeping an open mind to technology. Often times many baby boomers become resistant to change.

Remotely no adaptation occurs, leading to undue stress of millennial. On another note, millennial may often be underestimated within the workforce due to autonomy. The world has emerged into a new era involving a high demand to remain abreast with frequent changes. I work alongside various baby-boomers and they are never updated with anything. Work By Lange-Wilcox multicast, prefer to work alone, accept change readily, and access information at all they excel at mentoring less tech-savvy workers on using the innovative hardware my opinion Juggle various tasks.

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