[ANSWER] Is obesity a disease

The US. Has the largest portion sizes throughout the world, this doesn’t include having seconds and third rounds of a meal. Fast food restaurants are around every corner, they have different size meals although they are all extremely close in price. Most people living in the United States have the mindset of “why not get more out of what am buying and pay the extra . 35? ” With this thought, it makes consuming unhealthy food a money saver. With technological advances, children and adults spend more time on a computer, cell phone, tablet, and watching elevations rather than exercising, playing sports and going out.
Nowadays, most adults rely on automobiles to get around town, to work, to school, wherever it may be. Adults have decreased their amount of walking to and from places or riding their bikes. This is everyday exercise that can prevent obesity and IS an easy option. Low income and food insecure people are vulnerable to being overweight. These people usually have limited access to affordable, unhealthy food. When they do have access to healthy food, it is likely that the food is more expensive than junk food being sold.
Due to this, it is more likely to buy unhealthy food especially being on such a tight budget. Also, fast food is a major contributor to obesity in children and adults. There are little to no healthy fast food restaurants. Fast food is usually unhealthy, cheap and easy to get. Because of this, people will go through fast food restaurants instead of buying healthy food and going home to cook it. Low income neighborhoods have a lot fewer physical activities sources like parks or tracks than higher income neighborhoods. When sources are available, they are usually unsafe areas for children and even adults.

For 16 years, lived on farm land where my grandfather owned orchards. Around me there were absolutely no physical activity sources, no where to play, and really no where to go. When moved a couple years ago, we live five minutes away from one park and two minutes away from another. The neighborhood live in now, there are a lot bigger houses and is more of a higher income neighborhood. Never realized this until researching obesity. Families who are low income sometimes stretch their food budgets by skipping a meal or two. This is especially common in others of low income families.
Because of this, when their body does get food, it stores the food as fat because it doesn’t know the next time food will come. This leads to obesity in most cases. Low income families usually have high levels of stress due to financial and emotional pressure. Some of the main causes of obesity are stress, anxiety and depression. I personally have experienced weight gain as a cause of stress and anxiety. For the longest time, I kept gaining weight which made me more anxious and even more stressed. I got medical treatment and was given medication to control my anxiety.
After taking the medication I was immediately seeing weight loss and was no longer threatened by obesity. There are many more consequences Of Obesity than Only stress and anxiety. Diabetes is a main factor contributing to obesity. Others are high blood pressure, iron deficiency, early puberty, premature death, low self esteem, depression, asthma, and many more. These are some factors that although are mostly caused by obesity, are preventable. Obesity may lead to substance abuse, peer factorization, poor academic performance, and behavior problems.
The definition of a disease is 1. A condition of abnormal vital function involving an structure, part or system of an organism. 2. A specific illness or disorder characterized by a recognizable set of signs and symptoms attributable to heredity, infection, diet, or environment. Obesity fits the definition entirely, although there are ways to prevent it including lower calorie intake, smaller portions, more physical activity and better food choices. Some people may say diets and exercise fail due to their body mass index (IBM). This is misleading.
IBM is based on a calculation of height and eight combined. So, for example, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a very high IBM although it is all contained of muscles. One can also find people with a low IBM that have a high percentage of body fat. According to WebMD. Com, a child’s total diet and activity determines a child’s weight. This can include computer and video game time. On average, a typical child spends four hours a day watching television. This is not including video game or computer time. As technology becomes more common, the level of physical inactivity will keep increasing.
A child’s weight, in my opinion s soles based on their parents or guardians decisions. This including the amount Of time being spent playing video games, watching television, and being on the computer. Two major factor for parents or guardians to prevent their child from becoming obese is to control portion sizes, and to maintain at least two hours of physical activity. This can easily be done by signing up for a school sport or even taking a walk around the neighborhood. From previous observation, child obesity is caused by a parent or guardians ignorance, or failure to be there for their child.
I have seen in some cases where a permissive parent will give their child what ever they please in order to keep them happy and busy while the parent gets things done like house work, cooking, cleaning, etc. This not only gives the child an idea that they’re in charge and what ever they say goes, but it shows neglect and carelessness of the parent or guardian. This may contribute to a major problem as the child gets older. Modeling is one of the major ways for a child to learn. If young children see their parents or guardians eating fruits and vegetables, it is extremely likely they will too.

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