[ANSWER] Unit 5 IP / 330

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Key Assignment Final
Part 1:
The Key Assignment for this course will involve creating polices
for the various laws that are covered in the employee handbook. The purpose of
the handbook is to equip managers with the information they need to lead their
teams. For this assignment, you will create a paper of 1000-1500 words. You
should also research and utilize 4 academic sources in your assignment.
Include the information below in your assignment. When
discussing each act, provide an example of how it might be violated by an
employer or employee and the approach that can be used (such as EEOC,
diversity, grievances, counseling, documentation, or termination) to address
the violation.

A policy for the Americans
with Disabilities Act (ADA)
A policy for the Age
Discrimination in Employment act (ADEA)
A policy for dealing with
different types of harassment.
A policy for the
Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)
A policy for the Family
Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
A policy for the Fair
Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
A policy for the Equal Pay
Act (EPA)

Part 2:
Finalize your project by reviewing the feedback that you
received from your instructor and your peers. Then, prepare a PowerPoint
training presentation for employees to review the new policies (6-8 slides). At
the end of the presentation, include 2 slides addressing:

For the employee handbook,
create a policy for employee use of technology because new sources of
social media and more advanced electronic devices are regularly being
introduced to the market. Address topics such as: refraining from
workplace commentary on social media, maintaining a professional image,
what can be shared and what not to share on social media, harassment,
privacy, and IT security.

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