[ANSWER] how many apples are left after the fifth boy takes apples from the box, math homework help

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A.  A transport agency has 5 carriers, each of capacity 10 tonnes. The carriers are scheduled such that the first makes a trip every day, the second makes a trip every second day, the third makes a trip every third day and so on. Find the maximum number of times in an year that it is possible to dispatch a total shipment of 50 tonnes in a single day, if all the carriers started their operations on 7th of January and continued till the end of the year i.e. 31st of December, without any holidays.B. There are a certain number of apples in a big box. A boy takes half apple more, than half of them. A second boy takes half apple more than half of the remaining and so on. After the 7th boy takes his share, the number of apples in the box is 635 less than the original number of apples. If no apple is cut in the entire process, how many apples are left after the fifth boy takes apples from the box?

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