[ANSWER] Research and analysis relevant site for functionalities

Research and analysis relevant site for functionalities

1. Project Background and Description

NetCube Telecommunications is a leading Internet Service Providers that provides not only broadband Internet service but also creative Internet related innovations to our valued customers.

NetCube developed and is currently maintaining a revolutionary Domain Name System (DNS) that services existing NelCube broadband customers. This custonted DNS service is specialized for the Chinese community here in Australia and set for Internet browsing and video streaming without geo-blocking the inner Chinese/Asian network.

NetCube is now looking to expand this service to further public users who are willing to experience better streaming services without geo-blocking, which is a restricted access to streaming services to/from certain countries. With a mature DNS service setup in NetCube’s infrastructure network, NetCube is looking to develop a web-based interface and framework that facilitates this service to larger range of customers.

The objective of this particular project is to create a web-based framework that composes of a front-end and backend full functional customer-services-providing oriented system.

2. Project Scope

The project scope includes the following:
– Research and analysis relevant site for functionalities in accordance to this projects requirements.
– Ability to build a high-performance database with relational logic.
– Restful API to the core functions of the system.
– Develop a dashboard for administration.
– Develop a front-end web-based application with latest front-end technology.
– Cross platform compatible front-end designs.

3. Desired Outcomes
The new system must include the following:
– A front-end web-based application with trending designs.
– Full scale functional back-end dashboard for both administrative and customers in respectively.
– Well-structured database that captures all web app activities, users’ activities and services log bounded to the
– Restful API from the system core functionalities.
– Secured credential management, including logins, access tokens, etc.
– Social media login capabilities, e.g. login with GMAIL, Facebook, Linkedln, email, etc.

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