[ANSWER] Development of a new software package- Software Engineering

Development of a new software package- Software Engineering

The Unit Case Study Project

“e-Fund” – “Web-based Charity/Fundraising System”

The main objective of this study is to teach you how to implement a process to apply for your project so that the task of software development becomes more repeatable, manageable, traceable, productive, conformant and error-free.

In addition, this project will provide you with a real practical experience on many business aspects of software development including planning, management and the successfully completion of the real-world projects.

Learning Outcomes

On the successful completion of this project, you will achieve the following:

– Understand and apply concepts and theories of software development processes
– Understand and use software process technologies
– Understand the Agile Object-Oriented Approach for software development
– Appreciate the responsibilities of those who manage software development processes
– Develop a continuing interest in software development processes and their application
– Gain the experience of working with a team, the teamwork

The Case Study

Australian Aid Association is a not-for-profit organisation established back in 1980 in Sydney, Australia.

The prime mission of the organisation is raising enough funds through public donations and cooperate sponsors to financially assist and support the people in-need such as the unfortunate families and the homeless.

Currently, the organisation is using an old computer system equipped with a legacy and outdated software package called “Fund Manager”. The operational management has raised the alarm that the existing system is no longer functioning adequately due to its age and inadequate and unsatisfactory capabilities. The system still is-use although it is no longer the most modern or advanced because it would be very expensive or difficult to update.

As a result, the senior management has decided to replace the existing system with a new, modern and adequate system aiming to well manage their daily activities.

Your team has been selected and commissioned to carry out the new project that includes a recommendation for a new hardware system and also the development of a new software package to satisfy the organisation’s needs and achieve their goals.

The Major Organisation System Requirements

The new computer system, hardware and software, shall satisfy the organisation needs and support their business processes and daily operations. The primary requirements are:

– The system needs to be designed as a web-based system to allow its users an easy and secure access from almost anywhere over the Internet.
– The system software must be designed as SaaS “Software as a Service” to utilize the new cloud computing technologies.
– The system architecture must be flexible enough to accommodate any future expansion and/or extension when required
– The organisation prefer the software delivery to be in modular fashion to enhance the user acceptance and also reduce any resistance to change
– A full user and operation manuals must be provided with the system for users support

The Major Organisation Software Requirements

The client organisation has conducted an evaluation study of the existing system to list all the existing system capabilities that must be provided in the new software system in a contemporary design. Beside the existing system capabilities, the organisation has conducted a number of workshops with all stakeholders to develop a list of the new required functional and non-functional requirements.
A list of the organisation software requirements is shown below:

– Full donor’s management module (CRM)
– Donation analysis module
– Campaign/Event management module
– Query and reporting module

– Reliable and secure
– User-friendly
– Easy user interface
– Compatible with various mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets

From the project management perspective, the project shall include the following main phases:

– Project Planning
– Requirements Engineering
– System Analysis and Modelling
– System Design, iterative and incremental
– Database Design
– Testing and quality assurance

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