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Hello! I’m applying to a University I previously attended before having to withdrawal due to financial reasons. I am not the best with putting my thoughts together but would like to get all of my thoughts across in a fluent, well structured manner. These are the points I would like to touch on in this personal statement: The university I wish to attend is Arcadia University located in Glenside PA. Their mission statement is “Global. Integrative. Personal. Arcadia combines out-of-classroom learning with challenging coursework to help you go beyond your expectations.” The school is number one in study abroad. My major is International Studies. I would be a transfer student. My first year I attended this college. Then I was forced to withdrawal and attend community college because of financial reasons. I am now able to access the funds to attend Arcadia again.Arcadia University is a home that empowers me to appreciate the diversity the world has to offerIf I was able to afford the tuition on my own, I would have loved to stay at Arcadia for my four years of my undergraduate studies to obtain my bachelor’s degree solely from this universityAfter having to attend community college, I felt a void in my educational career. The wholeness that Arcadia has provided is incomparable. Every single aspect in the education I receive from Arcadia is extremely fulfilling and I would not want to attend any other institution.

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