[ANSWER] develop clear purpose of the company ChristianWorks and BreakWay program

Question description

You should develop clear purpose of the
company ChristianWorks and BreakWay program. Read the Product Information.pdf, and also do the research online
(homepage of ChristianWorks, etc.), then to answer the questions below to write
600 words paper (do not write introduction and conclusion, just begin to answer
1.  What is the purpose of ChristianWorks
and the BreakWay program?
2.  Are there other companies out there
that have the same purpose?
3.  How does each of the 8 ideas below align
with the purpose of the program?
social media to send out helpful tips for grieving children.b) 
the existing website or create a new one.c) 
out email updates about the product and future products.d) 
the program on the social media webpages of schools/churches.e) 
links to the customers to view for the product details.f) 
the product with visuals and audio online.g) 
Start a
question forum via a blog.h) 
Have seminars
at churches about the program.

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