[ANSWER] Dijkstra single and Knapsack problem program

Question description

a program to implement Dijkstra single source shorters path
algorithm and show your solution on following graph (use the adjacency matrix
representation as below)(untitled.png  for grogram1)Your
program must output in following manner:
Vertex Distance
from Source



And so on2. Write a program to implement Knapsack problem in Solve. show
your solution for following knapsack problem, show the objects picked and
corresponding overall value of the sack   Item                      Weight              Value        1                       10                      $100
2                       7                        $63
3                        8                       $70                                  C = 18
4                        4                       $40
5                         5                    $55
6                         6                      $59Submit your programs and screen shot of outputs in a single word/pdf file.  

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