(Solved): Write a 6 page essay on How Industrialization is Evaluated in Relation t …

Write a 6 page essay on How Industrialization is Evaluated in Relation to the Industrial Worker.

Elizabeth Poole Sanford the middle class women were also affected by industrialization. The wealth and position of this women rose in a changing economic environment. An excerpt from Woman in Her Social and Domestic Character (1842), written by Mrs. John Sanford can draw arguments on how industrialization should be evaluated from a woman’s perspective. The excerpt considers the woman’s ideal function in relation to her husband. The debate in this case can revolve around the superstition that men have towards women and work, the role of a husband in relation to his wife. With industrialization and women trying to work would mean that she would become independent which was not the case before industrialization. In the excerpt “a really sensible woman feels her dependence, she does what she can. but she is conscious of inferiority and therefore grateful for support…”The debate would therefore be narrowed down to the power of woman in the arena of industrialization. Ch. 23, Q.2Conservatism and liberalism was characterized by the many political developments that occurred during the period when there was numerous eruption of revolution in Europe. Romanticism was the most important of these reflecting in different ways, both conservatism and liberalism. . Romanticism rejected the formalism of the previously dominant classical style and it didn’t limit itself to the enlightenment rationalism or the stark realism of everyday life, and emphasized emotion and freedom.



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