(Solved): Write a 5 page essay on Web & Social Media.lemented through the prop …

Write a 5 page essay on Web & Social Media.

lemented through the proper identification of keywords, checking keywords, re-checking keywords and customising keywords as per requirements (WordStream, Inc., 2009).

The on-site SEO technique of keyword research and analysis has been selected for ranking of my website owing to the reason that it provides the benefits of determining the behaviours of the people in accessing websites online and discovering more specific keyword queries rewarding better user satisfaction (SEOmoz, Inc., 2014).

The on-site SEO technique of keyword research and analysis helped in ranking a website through the creation of a solid foundation based upon which, entire content creation ought to take place, which eventually results in high-ranking of search engines (SEOmoz, Inc., 2014).

It can be affirmed that the business world has been changing in this modern day context with the introduction and the subsequent adoption of pioneering technological advancements. In this similar concern, relating to recent changes in the modern world, the on-site SEO technique, i.e. keyword research and analysis, possesses the ability to perform various significant activities. These activities comprise predicting variations in demand, responding towards transforming business market conditions and producing the contents, products and/or services that the web searchers are already aggressively seeking (SEOmoz, Inc., 2014).

Apart from the above-elaborated keyword research and analysis SEO technique, another off-site SEO technique can be observed in terms of content writing and optimisation. Conceptually, this particular technique is regarded as a writing piece, which is mainly powered by certain specific keywords that facilitate the individuals to visit any particular webpage (Slideshare Inc., 2014).

The implementation of content writing and optimisation as an off-site SEO technique evidently aids in ranking a website based upon its content presented to attract the visitors. In this regard, the particular



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