(Solved): Write 14 page essay on the topic Do administration times of anti-retro v …

Write 14 page essay on the topic Do administration times of anti-retro viral therapies affect their efficacy.

Although none of the studies I found, as stated, were specifically designed to test my hypothesis. The majority the studies, in reading, the test found evidence or results that lead to the theory that timing of drug therapy is vital in the treatment of AIDS. Specific studies in this area would, in my estimation, greatly advance what we know about AIDS, best practice methods for treatment, and the possibility for halting its progression.

I am a nursing working with AIDS patients. In the daily course of my duties I have seen numerous patients whose treatment plans vary greatly from one individual to another. Often the drug therapy methodologies and prescription frequency are contrary to commonly accepted practices and sometimes conflict with pharmaceutical recommendations. As a nurse, my primary goal is to enhance the level of treatment AIDS patients receive and to ensure treatment methods are in the best interest of maintaining the client’s health and quality of life. The conflicting treatment methods began to raise questions for me. I began to ask whether the initial implementation of drug therapy had a direct impact on the patient’s longevity and quality of life. There were varying opinions amongst healthcare givers on the best time to begin treatment. Although this is sometimes determined by the time diagnosis of the disease with respect to the progress of the virus, often times, even with early diagnosis, the decision to begin administering of anti-retro drugs was not uniform.

Dr. Jens Lundgren, a physician at the Copenhagen HIV Programme and Dr. Andrew N. Phillips, a professor of epidemiology reported in a British Journal of Medicine article that had examined the indirect relationship discovered regarding the assessment of the efficacy of anti-HIV drugs. Through analyzing data from various trials they were examining the effectiveness of various drug treatments. However, at the conclusion of their research they



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