(Solved): Write 1 page essay on the topic HW4 MGM.For example, Coca-Cola FEMSA wor …

Write 1 page essay on the topic HW4 MGM.

For example, Coca-Cola FEMSA works in conjunction with communities and non-governmental organization, SOS Mata Atlântica in Brazil in a bid to conserve forest water through Brazilian Forest Water Program. In Mexico, the company is involved in a major reforestation program, where the company plans to plant millions of trees. Through its active engagement in tree planting initiatives, Coca-Cola not only ensures forest conservation, but also reduces greenhouse gases emission into the atmosphere because forests are good absorbers of carbon, which is a major component of greenhouse gases. Coca-Cola also engages in recycling initiatives and water management programs as well as energy conservation, which remains crucial to its surrounding and business environment. The company ensures high and acceptable standard for sustainable packaging aimed at achieving zero waste and maximum package recycling. Coca-Cola has strong relationship with communities in which it operates. The company strives to create a positive difference in the communities by working with local associates and actively supporting local employee engagement. Water is a vital element of life and by conserving it. Coca-Cola Company demonstrates its commitment to advance the welfare of the



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