[ANSWER] Year of Wonders Essay

The plague brings out the best in the village. Do you agree? Throughout the plague year many of the villagers were affected by the tragic hit of the plague. One of the main themes in the novel ‘’fear’’ is something that highly affects the actions and and can completely change their values and morals. Fear which comes complimentary with the plague and can bring out the best and the worst in the villagers. Times of crisis can bring out a monster in all of us, but can a just like jon said “these times they do make monsters of us all”lso but times like this can also bring out the good.
As the plague hit Anna’s town lack of scientific and medical information lead the villagers to draw their own conclusions and superstitions, of the plague. We see fear and emotions take control of the villagers through the lynching of Anys Gowdie, by the angry mob. the crazed mob which accuses Anys of witchcraft just exemplifies the notion that faith can blind people along with fear. This event was uncalled for and horrific. The villagers were put under a permanent state of stress and terror, which led people to do some horrendous actions and behave in inhumane ways.
In her last words Anys criticises the town and attacks them for their ignorance rather than professing a love for God, which may have saved her. Through these actions Brooks is able to explore the strength of one’s beliefs and morals in distressing situations. Anna however is not blinded by her faith like most of the villagers and does not believe that the plague is an act of God, or witchcraft and simply concludes that it was brought on by nature. perhaps the plague was neither proof God nor the Devil but simple a thing in nature as the stone on which we stub a toe” here Anna show her first signs of apostasy, question faith and shows the development of her new mindset This accentuates how Anna is wise beyond her time and her logic allows her to flourish in this unfortunate chain of events. Times of crisis and the plague can also bring out the good and courageous people like Anna, who are willing to support others and continue to maintain their values and morals no matter what. Anna selflessly works to help the village in all she can do to help fight the plague.

Throughout the plague year Anna flourishes. Despite the tragedy of her two sons and husband passing she moves on with her life and give it to helping others. anna develops a sense of identity and independence and begins to step up over the patriarchal standards of women at that time, questioning her faith and society. Crisis of the plague also brought about evil, along with those people who exploit the situation of death, fear and suffering. Jos exploits the villagers who are already suffering immensely, he buries people alive, takes their money and household goods.
He shows no regard for humanity in his immoral behavior and is clearly driven by greed and his own selfish desires. Fear and tragedy can do many things to people. In Year of Wonders fear brought out the best and the worst in people. The villagers feared death and loss which was a powerful emotion. Times of crisis can change people and make monsters of all of us. The novel shows how fear can exploit bad epople like Anna’s father and Jos. But in others can bring out the best, and change a person for the better.

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