[ANSWER] Write a decent paper about given article | Operation Management

Write a decent paper about given article | Operation Management

Write a decent paper of minimum 1200 words using APA style after reading an article

Below is the link for the article:

+ http://ptgmedia.pearsoncmg.com/images/9780133757446/samplepages/0133757447.pdf

Instructions :

1. Use the provided template ( see attachement ). Avoid losing points due to formatting errors.

2. Follow the structure recommended in the syllabus. This is consistent with APA style guidelines.

3. Ensure that the introduction contains a thesis derived from the learnings you have acquired after working with the case study. Make the thesis broader, using the case study as example to illustrate it If you need help creating a thesis, use any of the free online thesis generators to assist you.

4. Make sure the conclusion circles back to the thesis.

5. Create your own essay titles. The title should refer to the content of the essay. Do not copy the case study title.

A final point: Bear in mind that the case studies are not directly linked to the content of the book. They have been selected to compliment the reading and challenge you to think critically under simulated business conditions.

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