[ANSWER] Week 8 Verbal assignmt


Due Week 10, worth 220 points 
(Need Part 1 back ASAP. I really need it by 8am EST tomorrow if all possible.I have to present Part 1 tomorrow morning, this assignment totally got by me. So if you can just answer part 1 in an essay I will present via webcam once I receive it back). It must flow /relate to the whole paper that has to be done.

From quick conversations to phone calls, meetings, formal presentations, and sales pitches, you must employ effective verbal communication skills at all times. While verbal interactions are extremely common, they can also be stressful. Every interaction contains the potential for success…and the danger of failure. To be “on your game” at all times requires purposeful practice, reflection, and adjustment based on input and feedback. No matter what your verbal communication skills are, you can improve them. 

In this assignment, you will develop and deliver a verbal communication for the scenario you have identified. Your communication should match your challenge or opportunity. For example, if your challenge is an interview for a new position, you may choose to record yourself answering a few key questions that might be posed by the interviewer. 

For the purposes of this course, your video presentation should not 
exceed five minutes. (Your scenario might require a much longer presentation, but limit your response to the key five minutes in this case).

For Part 1, create and deliver a verbal communication that aligns with your Strategic Communication Plan. 

1. Develop and Deliver Your Verbal Communication
a) Use an impact opening statement to engage, set context, and/or create relevant meaning for the audience
b) Use compelling stories/statistics/facts to support your key message
c) Where appropriate, make your request of the audience clear and actionable
d) Use visual aids (where necessary) that support and complement your verbal communication, but which do not drive the conversation
e) Limit recordings to no more than 5 minutes

3. Reflect on Your Presentation Preparation
a) Describe the approach you took to plan for your presentation
b) Explain how you rehearsed for the presentation
c) Offer suggestions for how you might better prepare in the future
4. Use Feedback to Refine Your Communication
a) Describe or list the feedback you received on your verbal communication from the week 8 Discussion Board 
b) Explain how you used the feedback to revise and improve your message and/or delivery


Your assignment must follow these general APA formatting requirements:

Your document must be typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman  
font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides. 
Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, your name,  
the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. 
The format should be consistent with professional standards. If slides  
are used, apply slide design best practices (minimal text, appropriate  
images/charts, and proper grammar and spelling) for an appropriately  
professional presentation

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