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Assignment 5.1 – Weeks 5 & 6 Discussion Forum (post to the Weeks 5 & 6 Discussion Forum)In order to keep discussions lively please choose at least ONE of the questions below and post to the discussion board no later than the start of Week 6 to give others the chance to respond.Your grandfather recently passed away, at a ripe old age. As the only surviving family member, you had been expecting a sizeable inheritance, and were surprised to discover that he left all his money to various nature conservation causes that you weren’t even aware he cared about. He also left, in your care, a mysterious sealed package. Only you know the contents of the package. In the package are detailed design and implementation instructions for a robot that will revolutionize the world as we know it, and a key to a secure storage vault where a perfectly functioning prototype resides. Your grandfather states in a letter to you that he wishes the design for the robot to be given freely to the world, as his gift to humanity. He does not wish for any profit to be made from the robot, by anyone, even though the potential exists to make millions of dollars in profit. Again, you and your grandfather are the only two people who know this robot exists, and he is dead. Make a case for and a case against using his plans to patent the robot and make a profit off of it.In late July of 2015 the Internet heard that a beloved, quasi-tame lion, who was wearing a collar and part of a research program, was lured out of the protection of the game park in Zimbabwe, so that an American dentist hunter could shoot him. The lion’s name was Cecil and the dentist’s name is Walter Palmer. You can read all about it in the #CecilTheLion & Public Shaming reading section (or just look for the hashtag #CecilTheLion on any social media platform). Here are your topics to discuss (discuss all of them) 1. What is public shaming and how does it relate to this situation? 2. See the list at the end of the article “Journalism and Public Shaming: Some Guildelines” and determine whether Walter Palmer was treatly ethically by the Internet. 3. Given the indelible/persistent nature of the Internet what do you think would be the result if Walter Palmer gives up hunting endangered animals. Based on what you’ve read about other cases of public shaming what happens to those in general who have raised the ire of the Internet? 4. The last article in the Public Shaming readings list discusses when parents publicly shame their children. Discuss. What about when parents post embarrassing stories (e.g. bedwetting, temper tantrums, etc.) about small children on social media – is that ethical? Why or why not? 5. Do you think public shaming is useful? legal? ethical? Why or why not? Note: Feel free to incorporate any public shaming aspects from the Ashley Madison case from Weeks 3 and 4.Congratulations, you are now a senior editor at CNN. You often write news analysis on cultural issues that have a strong technology presence. Today, you and your editorial board had a wide-ranging discussion about freedom of expression and the internet. Now, your job is to create an opinion piece for tomorrow’s web page. You can write the opinion, or you can present it in a short video. Your board of editors is split between two basic perspectives: 1) Freedom of expression is under attack by socially conservative people who want everyone to be socially conservative. They hide behind “protect the children” or “protect national security” or “protect the rights of business” when in fact they really want to control people and limit our freedoms. 2) Freedom of expression is not an absolute freedom, and new technologies make it important to exercise our freedoms in more responsible ways. We must balance our freedom to express ourselves with other freedoms and concerns. Socially-liberal people who push the limits of expression end up harming everyone’s rights with their deliberately offensive and dangerous activities. They force courts and businesses to push back with clearer limits, and that is harmful rather than helpful. Compose an engaging column (at least 250 words) or a short video segment for the CNN web site. The video is limited to four minutes. Tell your readers why you favor one side or the other side of the argument. Support your opinion with information from our reading for the week and/or an outside source. Remember, CNN has to “sell the news,” so be sure that your column or video is snappy, fast-paced, hard-hitting, and interesting.Your elderly great aunt and uncle recently passed away together, suddenly, after a long and happy life. Much to your surprise, they had embraced technology fully, with all their correspondence kept in Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Hotmail accounts, all their music kept in Apple’s iTunes, and all their photographs spread across Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram. You are their only surviving relative, but, sadly, because death took them by surprise they forgot to leave instructions regarding their user accounts, except for the password to their main Gmail account, which you can use to reset the passwords on their other accounts. Make a case for and a case against taking ownership of their digital property. (It’s okay to reference privacy concepts from earlier in the course.)Feel free to use news articles as references, making sure to list those and any other references at the bottom of the post.  Quotations by famous people are allowed, as well – you only have to identify the speaker, not the specific work, in the case of well-known quotations.Your main posting should be posted by the beginning of week 6 to give classmates time to review and make comments. 

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