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POE of 2500 words Portfolio 700 wordsreport 2800 words Total = 21pagesThis coursework include 3 tasks 1.portfolio (10 pages) 2.poe ppt (2500 words) 3.report (2500 words) -Please use two or all of the CITY of London, SWINdon and Lyon to as the case study or study examples. These 10 A3 sheets might be included text, maps, pictures and charts etc. -Task 1 is related to two or all of the CITY of London, Railway Village, Swindon, and Lyon, France. Just to mention them, rather than in-depth study -Task 2, 3 and 4 are related a same appeal case (only one site, it’s the 147 Airport Road, Bristol, BS14 9TD). The task 2, 3 and 4 need to find some evidences and policies to prove that the application (14/06204/F) is unreasonable, as some references and a similar report (ADVOCATE (2)) that I offered. Please read “A mock planning appeal” and “Assessment brief (Before the Page 29)” -Presentation and POE only focus on transport.

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