[ANSWER] Transportation Management on movement of military cargo during the Gulf War.

Question description

10-12 page Research
Paper on global logistics or supply chain management.  Your instructor must approve specific topics
in advance.  Your paper, which is worth
100 points and 20% of your grade will be submitted through Turnitin, an
originality detection service, and will be evaluated based on the criteria in
the rubric linked in the submission activity and includes the following: 

Quality and depth of content
Organization of the report
Overall format, i.e., typed, use of page numbers,
title page, table of contents, appropriate labels on figures and tables,
Correct grammar and evidence of proofing, i.e., no
spelling errors 
Variety and documentation of references used.  Format for citations and references must
follow APA guidelines 

“Supply and
Logistics Lesson Learned in Contingency Wars of the Middle East”

I.  Problems made in the Gulf
II.  Logistics of the Gulf War
III.  Preparations for a Southwest Asia
IV  Deploying to the Theater (Cargo)
V  In-Transit Visibility (Cargo)
  (1) RFID In-Transit
VI  The importance of in-transit visibility
on the U.S. military logistics
VII  Lesson Learned


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