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M7 Discussion: Solving Systems of Equations Solving Systems of Equations by EliminationSolving linear systems by substitutionMatrices: Reduced row echelon form 1Instructions:For your first post you will create your own system of equations.You need at least two variables and two equations.Khan Academy video example: Solve any system of two linear equations.Put your equations in the subject line.In the body of your post, use equation editor to write out your equations and then find the solution to your system of equations using the elimination method.Make sure to check back on your post. If your answer does not match the answer that others post in the reply, why is this the case?Show all your workFor your second post, pick another student’s post and solve their system of equations using either substitution or matrices and show all your work.If you answer does not match theirs, see if you can figure out what happened.If someone has already replied to a post with substitution, you may reply with a post using matrices, but you may not repeat the substitution.For your third post, pick a different student and solve their system of equations using technology (either by graphing or using a graphing calculator).If you graphed to find the answer, post the graph. Otherwise, write in a few sentences about what you did. Check to see if your answer matches the previous answers.If someone has already replied to a post with a graph, you may not repeat the graph, but may reply by using the graphing calculator.Discussion Criteria:You will need to post three times following the instructions above.Do not duplicate work.

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