[ANSWER] Should the Chagos Islands be a marine reserve or should they be re-settled

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* Category :International Law and History* Assessment criteria :will be assessed on both their knowledge and appreciation of relevant
legal areas and their ability to employ relevant legal skills, in particular
the display at an appropriate level of research skills, including the
compilation of an appropriately detailed bibliography.* Word length : 4000 thousand words * Take a position were there
is a strong arguments supported by good evidence.* Should include legal arguments and include the treaties related to this dispute.* prevent Repetitive .* Referencing from books , Articles and Proper websites , total number of 25 list of referencing and you can increase the number if you prefer.* Oxford style of referencing (footnote ).*0% plagiarism
* I have attached  a picture of my previous marking comments by
my tutor for the previous work with you , please review it and work upon his instructions.

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