[ANSWER] Research Peper About ” Communication Across Cultures “

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The most important thing is ” write with Easy English ( easy Vocabulary ) “In
dealing with the research paper, make sure you prepare a PLAN for it in
some detail, look up some SOURCES (books, journals, newspaper articles)
to give some ideas and information about the subject.You will find it helpful to include some elements of the following aspects in the report:1. Language problems (pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, etc.)2. Cultural issues (superstitions, etiquette, relations, table manners, values, human relations, etc.)3. Non-verbal behavior (facial expressions, body movement, etc.)4. General background (home upbringing, education, etc)You
might also want to consider how the following can help in overcoming
some of the communication problems: Education, travel, studying aboard,
television programs, reading, personal contacts, etc.1- “4” pages research paper.2- At least 3 sources. And write it in the end of the research paper.3- Again ” Please use easy Vocabulary “thanks.

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