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 Locate someone to interview who is part of a minority group who is over 65 and who may have experienced the effects of racism. The person can be a family member, a neighbor, someone you met at the Senior Center. Do not use a client if you are working in the field.****When Doing this assignment please make this believable. This is suppose to be an interview  with a 68 year old African American Woman please see below and Please answer the questions accordingly as if you were really interviewing that person.***** This paper should be 4 pages long  Review and modify the interview protocol posted below. Select the protocol that is most relevant to the person who you will be interviewing.The main focus of your paper should be on how the person you interviewed experienced the impact of the macro system on their life.Give specific examples (or stories) that the person shared with you.• What were the examples that they shared that demonstrated for them what it was like to be poor or female or black or gay.• Which period of life did the person find most difficult, in terms of negotiating their well-being as a person of a minority group? And which period of life was the least conflictual?• Did the person bring in other macro systems that negatively or positively affected them? For example if the topic was racism – did they also talk about gender or poverty? Give examples, or stories, that they recounted.You might also want to also include (where appropriate)• What adaptations did the person reveal that they have used over their life time to adapt to or confront the feelings of being marginalized or discriminated against?• Was the person able to report positive experiences of being part of their ethnic/racial/gendered group? What were they?• How has their life changed as they aged?• As the person spoke about their current life, what if anything did they report they have learned as life lessons about oppression and strategies of survival and/or of opposition?• In your conclusion, include what was most surprising to you in doing this interview.******The person I chose to interview is an African American 68 year old female who grew up down South, specifically Orangeburg South Carolina. Her name is Lucy Fils-Aime, and she experienced segregation and racism while she was growing up. Lucy talked about her experience feeling isolated as she took the segregated city buses. *********

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