[ANSWER] Opinion Paper

PLEASE follow all instructions……

 The Opinion Paper is on any legal issue of your choice. 
GRADED on how well you express your opinion and not your actual opinion.  Please DO NOT present both sides of the legal argument.  
You should focus on the legal argument that clearly aligns with your opinion.  In the past, students have been creative on the legal topics picked to discuss.  grade is increased by that creativity. 
 THESE TOPICS CAN NOT BE USED Abortion, Underage Drinking, Second Amendment Rights and the Legalization of Marijuana.  Please be advised that those topics are no longer considered original.  IT is an opinion of an legal issue.
5 pages minnnium
against those of your peers.  
You may cite within the paper.  You do not have to spend the whole paper explaining your issue.  You should give me the basics and then launch into your opinion on the legal issue.  Grammar and overall writing style will be evaluated.

You will be required to write a 5 pager Opinion Paper on any legal topic of your choice. The subject matter for your paper is very broad and totally up to you.  I am looking for how well you convey your opinion on the legal topic. You must agree or disagree with some aspect of the topic or the topic itself. Please do not present both sides of the issue without focusing heavily on your opinion. Your opinion should be stated throughout the paper and not just in the last paragraph. You will be graded on originality, presentation (grammar, word choice, general structure of the argument) and your overall ability to explain your opinion. 

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