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1)Please watch the following videos on Omega-3 fatty acids and answer the following questions.https://www.essaybishop.com/write-my-essay/doctoroz.com/videos/know-your-omega-fatty-acids-pt-1https://www.essaybishop.com/write-my-essay/doctoroz.com/videos/know-your-omega-fatty-acids-pt-2https://www.essaybishop.com/write-my-essay/doctoroz.com/videos/know-your-omega-fatty-acids-pt-3https://www.essaybishop.com/write-my-essay/doctoroz.com/videos/know-your-omega-fatty-acids-pt-4Andhttps://www.essaybishop.com/write-my-essay/dhaomega3.org/Video-Lectures/Introduction-to-Omega-32)Please keep a one to two day food journal and record your intake of fat and oils. What type did you consume? Did you have a source of Omega- 3 fatty acids? Was it from fish or from a vegetarian source? Do you have a plan to increase your intake?  Describe your plan. What fats or oils will you decrease and which ones will you increase?3)What did you learn about the Omega-6 to Omega- 3 ratio?4)Please write four interesting facts about Omega-3 fatty acids that you learned from the videos.5)Why is it hard to get the long chain fatty acids EPA and DHA from plant sources?

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