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Assignment 2: Required Assignment 1—Report on Emerging Health Problems (Within Ten Years)
In this assignment, you will research and report on emerging health problems that are expected to be significant within the next ten years.
This assignment is worth 200 points.
Review the following scenario:
A philanthropic foundation needs to plan its investments and grants. They have decided to fund projects for improving public and population health but are only looking to support projects that will demonstrate their goodwill and keep their name associated with topics of general concern. Of course, they hope their grantees have newsworthy success.
You are asked to contribute to the decision-making process by teaching the financial and program officers about emerging health problems that are expected to be significant within the next ten years.
Using the module readings, Argosy University online library resources, and Internet sources, research about emerging health problems. Then, based on your research, complete both the following parts of the assignment.
Part 1: The Handout
In this section, you will create a handout that discusses emerging public health issues. To create the handout, complete the following:

List eight emerging public health issues. For ease of organization, include each problem on a separate page and limit the draft to double-spaced text.
For each issue, provide information about the populations (size and/or situation) that will be impacted. In your description, make sure you do the following:

Explain the difference between raw data and information derived from it, and give examples of substantive information pertinent to this list of emerging public health issues.
Identify the ethnographic (sociocultural) features and the epidemiological (disease risk) features of the population that may cause each issue to differentially affect this population.

For each issue, present probable consequences to the population if intervention is not enacted. 
Create a statement of hypothesized causes of each problem so that the audience can judge the level and type of intervention the public expects. Make sure you discuss both the following factors:

Ethnographic factors: Explain what individuals, people, governments, business, or other agencies are doing that may contribute to the problem.
Epidemiological factors: Explain changes in environments or agents that may be contributing to the emergence of the problem.

Provide evidence of systemic or programmatic problems. Provide examples of substantive information pertinent to the list of emerging public health issues.

Part 2: The Presentation (PowerPoint presentation)
In this section, you will develop a presentation about one of the eight issues (that you discussed in the handout) for the financial and program officers. The presentation will discuss a broad initiative to address the issue you have selected. To develop the presentation, complete the following:

Identify one issue—from the list of eight emerging public health issues—that is of significance or interest.
Identify policies and system issues that contribute to the problem, and identify the internal and external resources needed to address the issue.
Explain the host, agent, and environmental factors affecting this problem.
Justify why this issue is appropriate for the foundation to support, citing relevant unmet needs, government policy initiatives, NGO interest, business involvement, global trends, and variability in access to care or treatment, etc.
Discuss the public health aspects of the initiative you propose. Explain how projects must fit into the definitions of public health found in the readings. Consider the systemic ramifications and situational factors that will affect the foundation’s involvement.
Analyze the benefits to public health if the foundation supports this issue. In your analysis, address the following:

Using the idea of ROI, compare benefits of preventative initiatives versus treatment initiatives as they relate to this health issue.
Identify some potential global benefits of this initiative in terms of needs and outcomes.

Explain what communications might be required with grantees (e.g., type of programs, contracts, release from responsibility, notifications of research and service, suggestions for reporting progress, promotion of the foundation goals, collaborations, media press releases, interviews, etc.). Propose a way to implement and monitor communications.

For Part 1: The Handout, write a 3–5-page paper in Word format.
For Part 2: The Presentation, develop a 6–8-slide presentation in PowerPoint format.
Make sure you write in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Provide appropriate titles for each slide such that the title maps to the content in the slide. Ensure that you make the presentation interesting and self-explanatory.
Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use the following file naming conventions

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