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My Memo about Uber – lyft regulations and problemsYour assignment is to write a one-page (double space, using a font size 12) memo in which you describe andjustify your selection of a policy issue or policy decision upon which you will construct your term paper for thisclass (due on April 21, 2016). The memo should describe:1. The policy issue or policy decision that you will focus on2. The reasons the policy issue/decision relates to a public problem (what particular community isinvolved?)3. Why this issue deserves consideration (i.e., what is its importance?) and your plan to investigate it4. Provide evidence of the policy problem selected by citing three to five works that address the problem-issue at handGeneral Guidelines for Writing a Memo A memo is a simple, but important, form of communication that administrators and other employees inbureaucracies need to be able to write effectively. Because it is designed for internal communication, the formatis less formal than a letter. Still, one should not treat the memo as if it were the equivalent of a conversation. Thefact that it is a written document means that its impact will be different from that of a conversational exchange.In a conversation, the words used and the tone taken are something that can be supplemented with bodylanguage, gestures, smiles and other forms of visual and audio communication. In a memo all the reader has isthe words.  Moreover, because anything written in a public organization may become public information, itscontent and tone are very important.Memos are brief communications intended to quickly present information, arguments, or opinions.Generally, a memo should be limited to one purpose on one subject. That subject should be effectively andbriefly indicated in the subject line of the opening format. Whatever the purpose of the memo, its tone should bedirect, sincere, and respectful (both of the addressee and of anyone mentioned in the memo). You will use theMemo as the basis for further investigating the policy issue and writing your policy paper.The four elements that must be in opening format of a memo are:TO:(name of person addressed)FROM:(the writer of the memo; full name in print; signature or initials added)DATE:  (date the memo was written)SUBJECT:(brief description of the memo’s subject)

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