[ANSWER] Management Case Study Asignment

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please follow the marking rubric and guidelines when completing the assignment as this will be essential to obtain an ok mark.Before you incorporate  the questions at the end of the case study  into your analysis, undertake the following process:Case Analysis: Carefully read the case study. Analyse the case identifying the key issues and /or problems.  Clearly indicate one issue or problem that is a priority to be managed. Explain why the issue or problem is considered a priority.Linking theory and practice to the solutionDevelop a solution to the issue or problem you have selected as a priority. Justify your solution with issue management theory, approaches, concepts or models from the first 6 weeks of lectures.RecommendationRecommend actions that you would take as a manager in response to the priority issue you identified.  Using theories/models from your studies, explain why you recommend these actions.

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