[ANSWER] Leadership Style of Saudi Electricity Company REPORT

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The student studies Leadership process in a Saudi context. They
are supposed to critically analyze/ appraise the leadership style of the managers/supervisors
leading their followers towards the successful accomplishment of their desired
goals. They have to choose appropriate method for this study, and relate with
the concept understood in the course. They will submit a report (in not more
than 3000 words), and will make power point presentation in the last fortnight
of the semester which will be communicated in the class. The guidance and a note on how to undertake this research as below:Make at least 4 chapters of your project report. Chapter 1 should be Introduction. Talk about the research problem, the objectives of your research and method adopted for the research. Chapter 2 should be dedicated to the Review of Literature. In this portion of project, do the comprehensive review of literature. It means read and analyze the topic you have been given from various research sources which are published already. You can make summaries and condense the learning from your review. Learn how to do the content analysis of a particular portion of the reference which you find relevant and worth quoting in your review. Don’t plagiarize. Don’t put anything for which you don’t have reference. Give complete reference following APA method of referencing. Even internet reference has to be complete referring the date of accession etc. Chapter 3 is the main chapter of your research, where you will present your observation and analysis from the primary data. This chapter is meant to present your data and relate it with the concept understood by you on the relevant topic. This chapter is the pith and substance of the whole report and your grading depends a lot on the richness and originality of the data discussed and analyzed here showing your hands on research training. Chapter 4 should be Conclusion where you sum up your learning form the project. Use simple language using your own vocabulary. Don’t copy and write things which you don’t comprehend for the sake of making your report look more scholastic and inflated. Size of the Report:o 3000 words maximum ( 12 – 15 )o 12 Font size, Times Roman preferable.o Use double space

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