[ANSWER] Leadership behavior and subordinate stress

Leadership behavior and subordinate stress

Assume you are providing a proposal to the CEO regarding Leadership Behavior and Subordinate Stress. Identify and explain the type of stressor for the following , as well as the consequences of the resulting stress for the employees and the organization.

1. Leila has to travel further for work now commute time is worse

2. Matt does not get along with his new manager due to micromanaging and does not delegate well he said his former manager had a more trusting management style

3. Barry-says quite a few employees are not clear on thier duties since the restructuring

4. Kathy does nto feel there is a sense of team spirit or unity among the employees from the two branches that have worked together. Communication is non-existent

5. Kevin complains that promises that were made before the move have not been delivered. He feels managment did not preparethem for the problems created by the loss of some great staff.

6. Isaiah is not happy with the new building in town. He used to work in the suburban locatin where the environment is pleaseant.

7. Susan is unhappy wit the lack of support she is recieving from the CEO.

Explain primary, secondary and tertiary interventions levels, and why all three are necessary at different levels of the organization to ensure better stress management and prevention at the company.

Recommend specific individual and organizational interventions to correct the negative organizational and individual outcomes resulting from distress and strain.

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