[ANSWER] Journal Article Review/Presentation (Graduate Students Only)

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students will identify two environmental health articles published in a
peer-reviewed journal within the last 5 years. This is the first one . The graduate student will review the article and then present it to the
class.  The presentation should last
10-12 minutes.  The graduate student will
submit the original article and the PowerPoint article review on Blackboard.
The dates you choose for presentation is also the due date of your review
submission.  The general topic of your
review article is preferably one that was discussed in class preceding weeks.  Your review and presentation should introduce
the research problem, research objective, methodology, and findings/results
addressed in the article.  Please include
the source of the article (reference) in the presentation in APA format.
Please do the slides and the speaker note. you need to include the key points of the article. Be clear and specific as possible and use simple words.Find the article attached     

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