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Chapter 11
Read Chapter 11 and answer the following questions:
1.  Define identification, gender identity, sexual identity, sex-role behavior and gender-specific.
2.  What is racial/cultural identity?
3.  Why is it important for programs to respond to cultural and linguistic diversity?
4.  What is a sense of initiative?
5.  Describe popular children.  Describe rejected or neglected children.
6.  When do children exhibit prosocial behaviors?
7.  What is an executive function? 
8.  Why do preschoolers need security?  How do you as a teacher provide security for preschoolers?
9.  How do warm relationships contribute to a developmentally appropriate environment for feelings?
10.  How can a teacher recognize and respect the feelings of a preschooler?
11.  Define active listening.  Give an example.
12.  Why must limits be set for methods of expression?
13.  Define outlets.  Why must a teacher provide outlets for preschoolers?
14.  What is important about modeling behavior to preschoolers?

Title: Developmentally Appropriate Practice Author: Carol Gestwicki 

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