[ANSWER] essay The old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemmingway

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NO Plagiarizing          The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest HemmingwayConsider the title of your novel.  How does the title of your
novel relate to the overall theme?  Using at least three specific examples
from the novel, explain how the title relates to the theme.  Is the title
Develop a 5-paragraph essay and apply MLA formatting.  Quotes from the novel are required and should
be cited with the author’s last name and page number. 
Example: “…..this is the quote” (Hemingway 32).
A Works Cited page is not required.
Underline your thesis statement. I need it done right  No Plagiarizing!!!!!!!!  It must be well thought out  not, just he was a fisher man and lived by the sea. For any questions please chat me.

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