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English 232
Mid-term essay
Interdisciplinary Literary Analysis
Your next essay for this class is
going to be a comprehensive examination of your ability to analyze texts, draw
interdisciplinary connections, and conduct appropriate research.
Please read the
following prompt and expectations.  Email
me immediately if you have any questions.
What significant
changes took place in literature in the 1930s and why did they occur?  Your essay should contain direct references
to at least two works from our textbook as well as secondary research.
at least 2 stories, poems, or plays from your textbook; cite at least one
outside source.All
sources (primary and secondary) must be on the works cited page and must be
parenthetically cited in the paper.MLA
statement must clearly state the main argument of the paper and should appear
at the end of the introduction.Demonstrate
your interdisciplinary knowledge, especially as it relates to other courses
taken at BCC.Support
all aspects of your argument with rich and relevant facts, details, and
examples.  Be specific!Carefully
organize your essay (Before you begin drafting, create an outline).Create
a strong introduction and conclusion (remember your lessons from English 111).Don’t
turn in your first draft!  Edit it for
spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Then, revise it.  Then if you think it needs it, take it though
the editing and revision process again.  Final drafts should be 3-4 pages in length,
including a works cited page.  **Papers submitted without a
works cited page and internal citations will be considered plagiarized.

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