[ANSWER] Discuss the limitations of software testing- Software Engineering

Discuss the limitations of software testing- Software Engineering

Q1) Discuss the limitations of software testing. How do we say that complete testing is impossible?

Q2) Define following terms:

(i) Error

(ii) Fault

(iii) Test case

(iv) Failure

Q3) Differentiate between following terms:

(i) Validation & Verification

(ii) Alpha & Beta Testing

(iii) Fault & Failure

(iv) Static & Dynamic Testing

Q4) What is Software Quality Assurance? What are the objective and goals of SQA?

Q5) What are the features of V testing model? Explain in detail.

Q6) When do verification and validation start? When are they complete?

Q7) What particular techniques should be applied during development of the product to obtain acceptable quality at an acceptable cost?

Q8) How can we assess the readiness of a product for release?

Q9) Explain various types of testing. How can we control the quality of successive releases?

Q10) How can the development process itself be improved over the course of the current and future projects to improve products and make verification more cost effective?

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