[ANSWER] Discuss significant organizational decision issue

Discuss significant organizational decision issue

Assessment Criteria for Reflective Case Study

Your work will be assessed using the following guidelines. All these information must be in your case study.

Write an Introduction
Select a problem and mention it
Quality and relevance of content and discussion:

Has a relevant and sufficiently significant organizational decision issue been identified as a suitable case for reflective study?

Has the decision context at hand been adequately articulated and described?

Has sophisticated analytical insight and understanding of the selected decision context and its processes been demonstrated?

Have relevant concepts, theories, and ideas been drawn on from the literature, and integrated appropriately in support of analysis and understanding?

Has there been satisfactory reflection on relevant cognitive, contextual, social, and political factors associated with power and authority in the decision context, and have possible alternative processes and scenarios been considered?

Have appropriate narrative ‘voices’ been used in articulating and analysing the case at hand?

Has adequate reflection on what has been learned from the case at hand occurred?

Quality of writing and expression:

Is the case study written in a clear, lucid and engaging style with appropriate grammar, spelling and punctuation?

Is there a smooth transition between paragraphs?

Are ideas structured, organised and developed in a flowing, coherent and logical manner?

Use of sources and documentation:

How adequate are the number, range and complexity of sources consulted and what evidence is there of this in the writing of the case study?

Have sources and quotations been used and integrated appropriately into the reflection, and how well has research material been synthesised?

Have alternative or varied points of view been identified and discussed in the analysis of the case at hand?

Does the reflective case study observe proper footnoting and bibliographic conventions?

Write a Conclusion.

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