[ANSWER] Digital Terrorism and Criminology of Computer Crime

Question description

List at least three (3) major categories of cyber terrorism and / or information
warfare. Among the chosen categories, determine the one (1) that should be the
top priority for the federal government to address. Provide a rationale to
support your response.
Among the different psychological theories that are discussed in Chapter 3
of the textbook, identify at least two (2) that are relevant to digital crime.
Next, discuss the primary way in which society or an individual could use the
psychological theories that you have identified to combat digital crime. Justify
your response.please respond to this statement:The two psychological theories that are
relevant to digital crime are (1) Personality Disorders and (2) Pedophilia.
Personality Disorder is an individual with multiple personalities. This disorder
can occur do to traumatic situations in life or a simple genetic gene. I feel
that in order to combat Personality Disorder, the individual needs professional
treatment. Close family and friends should be able to detect early signs.
Pedophilia is a person who preys sexually on children. It makes sense that
pedophiles develop a sexual interest over a long period of time. I ask myself
how could someone want to sexually get off from a child? I believe that
somewhere in the pedophiles childhood they were a victim or saw this disgusting
crime being committed. Is there a cure for them? In order to combat this,
pornography should be banned off the Internet and the justice
system should offer the death penalty for any pedophile found guilty. Maybe this
will deterred the criminal offenders from committing the criminal act. Also
much, much mandatory counseling and therapy.

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