[ANSWER] Develop a system architecture model- Software Engineering

Develop a system architecture model- Software Engineering

Question: Use Case tool to Develop a System Architecture model. Use the 4+1 approach. Include a discussion of your architecture


Part 1. Test Cases- You will identify and document a test scenario, identify at lease two test cases from the scenario, then develop two test case specifications.

1. Test Scenario: include Test Scenario Name and Description.

2. Test Case: include Test Case Name, Description, Prerequisites, Steps, Input, Expected Result, Actual Result, Status, Comments, Reference

Part II. Database Implementation.You will choose two entity classes from your project and create the SQL statements to implement the tables and constraints. Create two tables and constraints for two of your entity classes in a relational database as described above.

The class model for online IT Training Course has five classes to maintain the course and customer details. They are Instructor, Customer,Account, Purchase Course, and Administrator.

Instructor class will maintain the instructor details like name of the instructor, instructor number, address, bio data and stipend.

It has three methods to create new Instructor,modify and update the instructor details, delete instructor. The customer class maintains the customer personal information like customer no, name of the customer, address, and credit card details and customer login details like username and password.

Customer can purchase the course from purchase course class which consist of course no, course name, customer no and payment. A customer can take more than one course use of add method in purchase course class and remove method can used to remove the course from the database.

A customer can cancel the course by cancel method. Once customer purchase the course then account class maintain the customer no, course no, name of the course and customer.

It has two methods to add and delete to add a customer in course or delete customer. The administrator class maintains the all details for instructor, course, and purchase course details.

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