[ANSWER] Customs and laws of islam and judaism world religions

Customs and laws of islam and judaism world religions

Essay (2500-3000 words) Topic: Compare and contrast the customs and laws of Islam and Judaism world religions on the following topic: • Funerals and Mourning Your essay should be single-spaced It should be clearly structured with an introduction and conclusion. Subtitles may be used. The essay should provide detailed descriptions of the practices of both religions concerning the topic, and it should explicitly identify various similarities and differences. So the main aim of the essay to identify various similarities and differences and not to say which religion is the right. It should also contain a complete bibliography of all sources used, and an appropriate referencing system of your choice. Sources can include books, articles and appropriate websites. A standard bibliography for this essay would have at least five sources. The word count includes text, references, tables and appendices but does not include the bibliography. A 10% variation of the 2500-3000 word limit either way is allowable.

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