[ANSWER] Cryptography within the information systems security realm

Cryptography within the information systems security realm

This problem pertains to Cryptography within the Information Systems Security realm. I am having issues finding a resolution to this problem. I have tried many different ways to compute but none are correct. Please see attachment. Please help.

Bob believes that he has come up with a nifty hash function. He assigns a numeric value VChar to each letter in the alphabet equal to the letterâ??s position in the alphabet, i.e., VA = 1, VB = 2, â?¦, VZ = 26.
For a message, he calculates the hash value H = (VChar 1 x VChar 2 xVChar 3 â?¦x VChar N) mod(26). Bob uses this function to send a one-word message, PANEL, to his banker Bill, along with his calculated hash value for the message. Alice is able to intercept the message, and generates an alternative message that has a hash value that collides with Bobâ??s original hash value. Show a message that Alice may have spoofed, and demonstrate that its hash value collides with Bobâ??s original hash.
Va = 1 H= (16 * 1 * 14 * 5 * 12) mod 26
Vb = 2 p a n e l
Vc = 3
Vd = 4
Ve = 5
Vf = 6
Vg = 7
Vh = 8
Vi = 9
Vj = 10
Vk = 11
Vl = 12
Vm = 13
Vn = 14
Vo = 15
Vp = 16
Vq = 17
Vr = 18
Vs = 19
Vt = 20
Vu = 21
Vv = 22
Vw = 23
Vx = 24
Vy = 25
Vz = 26

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