[ANSWER] Create a social studies lesson integrated with art and music

Assignment  PowerPoint Presentation

Create an ORIGINAL Social Studies lesson integrated with Art and Music for children 3-4 or K-3rd grade. Use Art depictions (search the Internet or use actual objects of art relevant to the project) to show to children during the lesson and music appropriate for the lesson. Avoid common craft materials such as chalk, crayons, magic markers, paint, and what is typically used in the early childhood classroom. Focus instead on broader aspects of art such as photography, sculpture, pottery, paintings of famous artists, architecture, fabrics, etc. produced by American or other artists. Create a Power Point illustrating your art depictions being used in the lesson. Students share their Power Points in Discussion section

Professor Comments

This is good. The only area you did incorrectly was to use children’s crafts instead of art by famous artists. Re read the second and third sentences of the assignment: “Use Art depictions to show to children during the lesson…” “Avoid common craft materials….” The music is very appropriate. You also did not create a lesson (see first sentence). This could have been a lesson about Thanksgiving.

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