[ANSWER] Create a project network for the wedding project

Create a project network for the wedding project

Exercise 1, page 188 (Chapter 6) Wedding Project Network.

Use the information provided to create a project network for the wedding project. There are video tutorials in your Module Supplements section of the course where you can see how to use MS Project to create the project network. Look in the course menu for module supplements content area.

If you do not have MS Project you can draw the network with flow diagramming software, mindmapping software (there are free mindmapping tools online) or with MS Word Or PPT drawing tools. If you use an alternate tool to MS Project, make sure you know how a network should look so you can choose a tool that will do the job.

Your PowerPoint slideshow should use the design techniques from the Best Design Practices in Design and Delivery and your Zoom presentation should utilize the 10 Tips in Effective Live OnlinePresentations contained in the PowerPoint Section of the Zoom resource area (course menu). Use the Recording Zoom Presentations handout to help you prepare setup and record your Zoom presentation. This handout is attached to this assignment.

You are the wedding planner for this wedding. After you have completed your list of tasks and your project network for the wedding project network prepare a short PPT presentation of 7 slides that presents the results of your wedding project to bride and her mother.

Your slide presentation should include:

1. Title slide with your name as wedding planner, bride and groom’s name and date of their upcoming wedding.

2. Wedding location and reception location (may be in same location)

3. Overview of your wedding plan – use key phrases and key words

4. Task lists of wedding tasks and events

5. Project Network

6. Explain your contingency plans in the event some event or task is late or incomplete to bring the wedding plans in on time and provide the event the bride and groom want.

7. Summary – Summarize the wedding timeline, days to complete, etc.

8. Use Zoom web conferencing system to record a narrated presentation of your slideshow.

7. What you will turn in:

a. Project Network with task list or schedule

b. PPT slideshow (Use handouts to help you create great slide design)!!!!

c. MP4 recording of your narrated presentation – Your recording should be 5-7 minutes long.

8. Grading – The Project network, Task list

9. Grading – The MP4 individual recording of your presentation and slideshow

10. The presentation and slideshow will be graded using an individual presentation grading rubric.

Attachment:- wedding_project_network_exercise.rar

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