[ANSWER] Counseling Disposition Reflection Worksheet

Question description

Directions:Review the dispositions document and select three dispositions
that you currently meet and that have helped to be culturally competent.
Complete the chart by listing the dispositions met as well as a description of
how the disposition is met. Each description response should be 75-100 words in

Dispositions Related to Cultural Competence

Description of how the disposition is met




Directions: Now
that you have identified dispositions that you currently meet, review the
disposition document again and select two dispositions related to cultural
competence that may be areas of improvement. Complete the chart below by adding
the two dispositions you do not meet as well as a preliminary plan in regards
to how you plan to improve the identified dispositions. Each description response
should be 75-100 words in length.


Description of how you plan to improve the



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