[ANSWER] Contracts: Managing Legal Relationships

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For this assignment, read the following scenario, and then follow the instructions for completing the assignment.ScenarioBob has received an offer from Mary for lawn care service.Mary offered, in writing: “Full lawn care for the summer, June, July, and August of this year, for Bob’s lawn. This shall include mowing, watering, and spraying for pests and weeds. The price is $35 per week and the work will be done by Mary, John, or both. The offer may be accepted at any time before or during those months verbally, by written acceptance, or by paying the first $35.”Bob wants to accept and will pay $40.00 per week if Mary meets his terms. Bob wants the lawn mowing to be done only on Wednesdays, not before 9 AM, and insists that it be completed by 1 PM each time. Bob considers this essential. He is retired and the noise bothers him. He is gone at those times because on Wednesdays he has a morning coffee group and then goes for lunch at the local senior center.RequirementsDraft a counteroffer on behalf of Bob.Explain the reasons for the changes on the top as “recitals” and then do the rest as briefly as you can.Do it as a complete offer. Do not just type the changes from Mary’s offer.After your counteroffer, explain whether this counteroffer is considered an acceptance or a rejection.

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